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Welcome to Mastery Lab: Your Partner in Dental Education, Practice Excellence & Growth

At Mastery Lab, we're not just another dental practice management company. We're your dedicated partner on the journey to achieving dental practice excellence, business growth, and marketing success. As a sister company to Clinical Mastery Series (CMS), a renowned in dental continuing education, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that dentists face in today's competitive landscape.

Many of our doctors and teams benefit from Clinical Mastery Series’ curriculum

Unlock Your Practice's Potential: Team Training Workshop

Our Team Training Workshop, led by Mastery Lab coaches Jenn Janicki and April McMath, is a two-day, transformative experience that empowers your dental team to shape your practice culture and drive business success. In today's dental environment, retaining a high-performing team is crucial for long-term success.

Credits: 14
Price: $895 per person

Upcoming Courses:

June 7th & 8th, 2024 - Chicago, IL
October 18th & 19th, 2024 - Dallas, TX

Course Outcome: What You'll Learn

  • Leadership strategies that support high performance and self-managed teams.
  • Developing trust and communication skills to strengthen relationships and manage conflicts effectively.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs within your team to accelerate treatment plan acceptance.
  • Identifying and recognizing talent within your team.
  • Aligning your team's vision and objectives.
  • Engaging in fun team-building exercises that foster camaraderie.
  • Take-home initiatives that drive positive change in your practice.

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The Art of Co-Diagnosis

Our cutting-edge course on "The Art of Co-Diagnosis" empowers dental hygienists to play a pivotal role in restorative treatment planning, enhancing comprehensive patient care. Dentists and dental hygienists seeking to expand their scope of practice and aim to collaborate effectively in restorative co-diagnosis should attend this course.

Credits: 7
Price: $895 per person

Upcoming Courses

March 29th, 2024 - Dallas, TX
November 15th, 2024 - Dallas, TX

Course Outcome: What You'll Learn

  • Understanding Dental Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Radiographic Interpretation.
  • Co-Diagnosis Process.
  • Effective Communication and Case Presentation.
  • Patient Education and Treatment Planning.
  • Introduction of concerns and efficient use of influence.
  • Building confidence in observations and recommendations through hands-on workshops.

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