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Overcome your hurdles to success with our dental practice consultant’s custom approach.

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The Mastery Lab Formula

At Mastery Lab, we use custom-made formulas equipped with in-office education, live events, and personalized systems to meet your business goals. With over 30 years combined experience as dental practice management and marketing coaches, we have seen it all, and genuinely understand the challenges of running a dental practice.

Our supportive coaches empower your dental practice to be productive, build a team that supports each other, and attract new patients (with no added stress). We provide you with the skills, knowledge, and support to effectively manage and market your practice, reduce your workload, and grow your business.

We have no hidden agenda. Our passionate team combines in-depth knowledge with modern-day systems to create formulas focused on getting YOU results. So, whether you are just starting your practice, looking to expand, or planning for retirement – Mastery Lab formulas can work for you.

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Get New Patients in the Door With Practice Marketing

Creative, effective marketing helps you grow your business and attract new patients. Discover what marketing really works, learn how to stay ahead of the competition, and keep your schedule full with our Practice Marketing support.

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Mastery Lab | Digital Impressions, All-on-6 and Invisalign reg


From solo practices to small groups, start-ups to retirement ready, your practice should be designed to evolve with your unique needs. Get your practice running like a well-oiled machine and ready to handle the next level with our Practice Mastery support.

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Mastery Lab | Dentures, Preventative Program and CBCT


Hands on implementation is essential if you want to see successful business and dental marketing results. Enjoy our live events, which provide your dental practice and team with practical tools and knowledge that can be implemented right away.

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Mastery Lab | Root Canals, Extractions and Sleep Apnea


When one area of your dental practice is off balance it can affect your entire business. Boost your team management acumen, communication skills, cash flow, business systems, patient experience, and marketing coordination with our focus support.

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Mastery Lab | Oral Cancer Screening, TMJ Disorders and Extractions


"Mastery Lab has been a fantastic and essential resource for me. Whether it is coaching, marketing or enhancing your clinical skills to practice next level dentistry, MLab has you covered! All the ladies, Jenn, April, Kelsey, Jackie have been an absolute Godsend and are like family to me! It is often said that there’s a reason you meet certain people in your life and ever since I first met the MLab team several years ago, my entire career vision has transformed. They are the reason why I’m building my dream practice."

- Dr. Karishma Sheth

Luxe Dental Arts

Mastery Lab | Full Mouth Rejuvenation, Night Guards and Digital Radiography

"Angela and Mastery Lab came at the right time in my career. I had been practicing for 12 years and felt the burnout from clinical dentistry and wearing all the hats to running a very successful practice. Angela has helped my team with developing accountability, reducing clinical days, and still producing great results. Even with the Covid shutdown, my office was able to successfully re open and Angela was there every step of the way. She has also helped me become a better leader. Having a practice coach has been vital to our success!"

- Sapna Amin DDS

Flower Mound Family Dentistry

Mastery Lab | Sedation Dentistry, Full Mouth Rejuvenation and Veneers

"I started working with Mastery Lab because I wanted help integrating the advanced procedures that I loved into my practice. What I got was so much more. I didn’t even recognize when I first started working with April how much I was sacrificing my own health and well-being for my practice. I was firmly on the hamster wheel, held hostage by long hours, insurance contracts, and a subtly toxic culture that had blossomed through my shortcomings as a leader. April helped me learn how to lead, and how to foster a culture of true teamwork with the ultimate goal of better patient care. Now I have a happier team, work fewer hours, and can finally breathe. The addition of advanced dentistry to my practice is just a bonus! I would highly recommend April and Mastery Lab to any of my colleagues."

- Therese Susienka, DMD

Pleasant Valley Dentistry

Mastery Lab | Oral Exams, Extractions and Sedation Dentistry

"I have personally working with Jenn and Mastery Lab for over 3 years. Not only our practices have been breaking production record every single year since, we have a much happier and fulfilled team. Jenn has been so supportive of my vision from day one and helped me to make it a reality while making sure that my family life is not compromised. I’m truly grateful for the love and support from Mastery Lab"

- Katie To, DDS

Integrative Wellness and Cosmetic Dentistry

Mastery Lab | Orthodontics, Full Mouth Rejuvenation and Sleep Apnea

"Mastery Lab offers a customized approach with solutions and suggestions tailored to our practice. They have a very in depth understanding of dentistry. They are always so responsive and stay on top of all our projects. If we could give more than 5 stars we would! Thank you Kelsey & Jackie for all your help, support and encouragement!"

- Brockport Smiles

Mastery Lab | CEREC, Dental Bridges and Oral Cancer Screening

"Working with Patty at Mastery Lab is one of the best decisions I have ever made as a practice owner. The culture at my practice had become toxic. Employees were leaving, others didn’t enjoy coming to work and I could not seem to turn it around. Now, I’m happy to report that our office culture is one that is highly admired and appreciated throughout our community. So many other positive changes have stemmed from that foundation of culture. New patients numbers and production are at an all time high and I’ve nearly transitioned to completely fee for service. Patty knows my practice just as if she is there working alongside us every single day. She is certainly someone myself and my team members aspire to become more like and any practice that is given the opportunity to work with her will undoubtedly reach new heights."

- Dr. Linel Holwager

Mastery Lab | Veneers, All-on-4 reg  and Invisalign reg

"What you can count on with Jenn and Mastery Lab is that they truly customize their approach to your individual needs. Their support and coaching is NEVER cookie cutter and always in line with our goals and values. Jenn's exceptional ability to cultivate solutions to our unique and diverse challenges has helped us take our practice to the next level and beyond. We are eternally grateful for her guidance!"

- Dawn Miller, Director of Business Development

Mastery Lab | CBCT, TMJ Disorders and Sedation Dentistry

"I cannot recommend Mastery Lab enough. My coach, Patty, has been instrumental in guiding me and my practice from the beginning of my comprehensive dentistry journey, guiding us to bring growth to my practice by 25% and moving us to the next level.. She trains us on the art of exceptional patient experience. She coaches us how to use effective communication with each other and with patients, customizes systems that work for our own practice, and most importantly, being there and supporting me through the ongoing challenges in hiring new team members. Her guidance has helped us schedule smarter, maximizing our schedules to increase production and make goal days!"

- Tam T. Le, DMD

Ahwatukee Dentistry

Mastery Lab | Night Guards, Dentures and Periodontal Treatment


Mastery Lab | TMJ Disorders, Sports Mouthguards and Dental Bridges

Is the amount of dentists who want more patients but don’t know how to get them.

Each dental practice has a series of goals, which ultimately revolve around attracting new patients and keeping current clients happy. However, what many practices struggle with is the expertise and understanding of attracting, enrolling and keeping patients for a lifetime.

This is where Mastery Lab comes in.

We have developed the expertise in the marketplace to guide and develop strategies that meet your goals, and work in concert with your team to accelerate your growth. Our team doesn't just build dental businesses; we fuel business mastery.

Why Choose Us?

We expertly measure out formulas to meet your practice goals.

  • Audience Research & Targeting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Training
  • System Implementation
  • Focus Coaching
  • Business Support
  • Success Tracking
  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Unlimited Practice Support


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