Every Dental Practice has its own pain points.

We have the formula to fix them.

Every Dental Practice has its own pain points

No work-life balance

Production down

Not enough new patients

Scheduling struggles

Lack of business control

We have the formula to fix them

The Mastery Lab Formula

Overcome your hurdles to success with our dental practice consultant’s custom approach.

At Mastery Labs, we use custom-made formulas equipped with in-office education, live events, and personalized systems to meet your business goals. With over 30 years combined experience as dental practice management and marketing coaches, we have seen it all, and genuinely understand the challenges of running a dental practice.

Our supportive coaches empower your dental practice to be productive, build a team that supports each other, and attract new patients (with no added stress). We provide you with the skills, knowledge, and support to effectively manage and market your practice, reduce your workload, and grow your business.

We have no hidden agenda. Our passionate team combines in-depth knowledge with modern-day systems to create formulas focused on getting YOU results. So, whether you are just starting your practice, looking to expand, or planning for retirement – Mastery Lab formulas can work for you.

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"Jackie, Jenn, and their whole team is incredible. Their enthusiasm, creativity and dental background made trusting Mastery Lab an easy decision. Their inventive marketing strategies and focus on practice numbers is a successful blend. My practice has defined systems that create structure and marketing with a purpose. I’m able to effectively determine my ROI. "

- Dr. Josh Stelzer, Lower Gynwedd, PA


What Does Your Practice Need TODAY?

Dental Consultants

Get new patients in the door

With practice marketing

Creative, effective marketing helps you grow your business and attract new patients. Discover what marketing really works, learn how to stay ahead of the competition, and keep your schedule full with our Practice Marketing support.

YES! I Want More Patients

Create a business that works for YOU

with Practice Mastery

From solo practices to small groups, start-ups to retirement ready, your practice should be designed to evolve with your unique needs. Get your practice running like a well-oiled machine and ready to handle the next level with our Practice Mastery support.

YES! I Need Management Support
Dental Consultants

Get it right the first time

With our Implementation Work Shop

Hands on implementation is essential if you want to see successful business and dental marketing results. Enjoy our live events, which provide your dental practice and team with practical tools and knowledge that can be implemented right away.

YES! Two Day Workshop
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Hit the points that really matter

with Focused Support

When one area of your dental practice is off balance it can affect your entire business. Boost your team management acumen, communication skills, cash flow, business systems, patient experience, and marketing coordination with our focus support.

YES! Let’s Boost My Systems
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Is the amount of dentists who want more patients but don’t know how to get them.


Meet our savvy and experienced Duo

Our "Go-to" dental strategists.

Practice Mastery "Go-To"

Our expert strategist has sky-rocketed practices to excellence. She combines her passion for the dental industry with her high-level knowledge to meet your practice's goals.


Practice Marketing "Go-To"

Specializing in highly-efficient marketing strategies means that Jackie can help your business reach its full potential and get to the next level.


Become the masters of your dental practice

  • Audience Research & Targeting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Training
  • System Implementation
  • Focus Coaching
  • Business Support
  • Success Tracking
  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Unlimited Practice Support

Ready to take your practice to the next level?

Thank yourself tomorrow for the action you take today.

Ready to take your practice to the next level?

Thank yourself tomorrow for the action you take today.