Why Choose Us?
We expertly measure out formulas to meet your practice goals.

Mastery Lab | CEREC, Sports Mouthguards and Ceramic Crowns

The Mastery Difference

Each dental practice has a series of goals, which ultimately revolve around attracting new patients and keeping current clients happy. However, what many practices struggle with is the expertise and understanding of attracting, enrolling and keeping patients for a lifetime.

This is where Mastery Lab comes in.

We have developed the expertise in the marketplace to guide and develop strategies that meet your goals, and work in concert with your team to accelerate your growth. Our team doesn't just build dental businesses; we fuel business mastery.

Mastery Lab

"I just want you to know I have enjoyed our training and chats and you are wonderful!!!"

Amy - Marketing Coordinator (Dr. B Wynn)

Mastery Lab

"I don't have enough wonderful things to say that could do them justice. They have a serious industry advantage with all the years experience in the dental world."

Katie L. - Office Manager (Dr. Thaney)

Mastery Lab

"The team at MLab are so knowledgeable and very professional, yet easy going and fun to work with! Everyone I've met from MLab have been warm and friendly and full of energy!"

Sop K. - Dr. Bar Nguyen

Why Mastery Lab Is Right For You

At Mastery Lab, we don't make crowns or appliances and our mad scientists aren't really scientist but they are mad, mad crazy skilled at building dental businesses.

For over 20 years our expert team has been building dental leaders through business, marketing & sales development. By working in synergy with their systems and professional team, we assist these leaders to achieve their dreams.

We don't manage you but put you in control of your practice. Our team gives your team the roadmap, timeline, and skills. We assist in the execution of these, but ultimately YOU achieve YOUR goals.

What We Don't Do

  • Waste your time with spoon-feeding information.
  • Apply a cookie cutter approach.
  • Duplicate what you’ve already invested in.
  • Sell you anything - investments, swamp land in Florida etc.
  • Hold you to long-term contracts or high dollar upfront expenses.

What We Do

  • Prepare to drink from a fire hose – we supply tons of valuable information.
  • All of our formulas are custom-made for your practice and your goals.
  • We work alongside your established team of professionals and optimize your systems.
  • We just give you what you need to achieve your business goals.
  • Our custom formulas mean custom financial options too.

A Scientific Approach to Business Development

Our comprehensive approach allows us to evaluate each area of your business and formulate strategies to bring your goals to life. Here is how YOU can become a master in dental business:

Mastery Lab | Orthodontics, Dental Cleanings and Sports Mouthguards


We give you the knowledge and skills you need to make your systems productive and profitable.

Mastery Lab | Crowns  amp  Caps, CEREC and Dental Fillings


Our dental masters assist your team every step of the way through one-on-one training, workshops, and day-to-day support (we don’t set it and forget it).

Mastery Lab | Digital Impressions, Sports Mouthguards and All-on-4 reg


Using our advanced training, we piece together your marketing puzzle to create strategies you can actually see working.

Mastery Lab | Teeth Whitening, Oral Cancer Screening and Dental Fillings


An out of control business is daunting, but can always be turned around. Our Practice Mastery formulas allow you to regain control and progress your business.

"What’s the one thing they don’t teach us anything about in dental school? You guessed it – running a business, being a leader, and making a profit. Jenn immediately showed me how I wasn’t running a very efficient business and pointed out many opportunities. The best part was that her team shared with me business protocols/procedures (front office and back office) to help me run an exciting practice that is profitable. Jenn has a system that helps you see and understand the challenges and changes that are in front of you to turn your business around. Then comes the biggest individual challenge – bringing out the leader from within you. Ultimately, Jenn Janicki has helped me laser focus my practice and my team, which has allowed me to once again love my career, love my family, and love my life!"

- Chad V. Yenchesky, DDS

Fox View Dental

Mastery Lab | Sedation Dentistry, Sports Mouthguards and Fluoride Treatment

"I have worked with Mastery Lab for several years and have received consistently excellent service. They are extremely hands on, attentive and flexible. They have been instrumental in helping me to build campaigns that are perfectly designed for our practices. With their guidance, support and action, we have been able to grow our offices, strengthen our online presence, serve our communities and consistently achieve new patient growth. Jackie and Kelsey are fantastic to work with and we look forward to continuing to build with them!"

- Brandon Freeman, CEO

Freeman Dental Associates

Mastery Lab | Implant Dentistry, CBCT and Emergency Treatment

"Mastery Lab has completely transformed my practice to one I dreamed of. I was completely PPO practice, and we transitioned to a FFS Practice with the right guidance and under their insightful coaching of Mastery Lab, and their BEST Marketing Strategists, who helped me market and acquire the right patients that fit our practice for the kind of dentistry I enjoy. The real family behind all my success is Mastery Lab! I am eternally grateful to Patty, Jenn, Kelsey and Jackie for all their guidance, coaching and support."

- Linty John-Varghese

Lyons Dental

Mastery Lab | Emergency Treatment, Oral Exams and Periodontal Treatment

"Some things are hard to put into words. Mastery Lab has become an every day influence in my life. It has challenged me on a level I never knew existed, I made a promise to myself that I would take everything I learn and pay it forward to everyone in my bubble, at work and outside of work. I can rely on Mastery Lab to be a listening ear and trust their process. They have made me a better person in so many indescribable ways! If you are given the opportunity to share my experiences with them you should jump at that chance! I am blessed to be a part of their team and thankful for them."

- Lisa Flowers

Above & Beyond Dentistry

Mastery Lab | Oral Exams, Crowns  amp  Caps and Sedation Dentistry

"Jenn at MLAB is amazing!! Our team has been working with her for a few years now. We have been through a lot of transitions and she has been there for us the whole time. Her knowledge of dentistry and employee relations is unmatched. She truly has a gift for understanding people and giving the most unbelievable coaching."

- Tina Mendelsohn

Serenity Smile Designs

Mastery Lab | Laser Dentistry, Dental Bridges and Dental Fillings