Facebook Page Engagement with Your Wifi Router

What is Facebook Wi-Fi?

If you have a business Facebook Page you can set up Facebook’s Wi-Fi with your router and turn your business into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The thought behind this, is to generate check-ins to your business page in exchange for internet access. Turning your business into a Facebook Wi-fi hotpot will also alert people in the area of your business.

While you do need to go through a set up process Facebook outlines on their help page, many business owners have their network IT people take this on.

Once set up, the patient will be brought to your Facebook wi-fi page when they launch a web browser. They can check-in or use a password you create to allow internet access. You can also set it up to share offers or other information when they check in.

This does require you have one of the compatible routers below:

We thought this was a great opportunity to generate check-ins especially with the exposure to patient’s friends their newsfeed when the check-in appears on it. We did have one office concerned about receiving negative reviews or upsets by forcing a patient to engage with Facebook for the free internet.

And if that is a concern, Facebook does allow you the option to give your patients a wi-fi code or click a link to skip the check-in requirement.

Facebook Wi-Fi Review

From what we can gather there doesn’t appear to be any associated costs from Facebook to set this up however one of the offices we coach received a quote for fee from their IT company which could be related to setting up a compatible router. We’re still in the early stages of communicating with the local IT guys and completing the set up for the Facebook wi-fi but we’ll give an update on the process, the impact on the practice Facebook Page stats, and patient feedback.

If you’ve set this up in your dental practice or have experienced Facebook wi-fi as a customer we’d love to get your take on it. Drop us a comment.

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