Facebook Live for Dentists

How to Use Facebook Live in Your Dental Practice

There are three core ways to go about video marketing for dentists.

The first is to hire an outside company to put together an impersonal video for your practice. This typically involves swirling graphics and catchy taglines put to some fun music. If you’re fancy, you might even include a voice over and some photos of your office.

The second is to bring in videographers and put together authentic videos for your dental practice. This is a more important component of your video marketing because it showcases the people behind the masks and desks.

The third remains the most scarcely used, but it should be a part of every dentist’s marketing strategy – live video. With Facebook opening the doors to “go live” on pages and profiles, dentists can sit face-to-face with their patients in regular meetings via one of the most popular social networks in the world.

The Stats Behind Facebook Live

The numbers don’t lie. In 2016, people spent three times as long watching Facebook live videos than they did pre-recorded videos, according to Social Media Today.

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And Facebook has taken notice to this new trend. Facebook’s Product Manager, Vibhi Kant recently revealed that they’re making an update to Facebook’s algorithm so that Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear on top of the search results when the videos are actually live compared to after they are no longer live.

This is a big deal for dentists who want to be seen by potential patients. But as exciting and enticing as the stats behind Facebook Live are, one challenge still remains: What do you say when you go live?

Here are a few ideas for how you can make your Facebook Live come to life and use this popular technology to attract new patients to your practice.

  1. Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Live

Your practice gets calls every day from patients with questions. There tend to be several questions that get asked more than others. These are the questions that you can be answering in your Facebook Live posts.

It’s safe to assume that for every person who asks a question, several others have the same question but haven’t taken the time to reach out and ask. Instead of waiting for those other people (your potential patients) to contact you, get in touch with them by answering the question in their newsfeed. You’ll appear helpful and establish your reputation as a dentist who cares.

  1. Upgrade Your Current Marketing

If you have an email list, collecting email addresses for your practice communication, or if you’re blogging, chances are you’re familiar with the practice of giving away free information in exchange for an email address.

You can do the same on your Facebook Live videos and use this type of content to capture new patient leads. Here’s how.

Before you go live, create a page on your website where your audience can access information. For example, if you plan to answer a question about dental implants, you would want to create a landing page with a free download that talks about the benefits of replacing missing teeth or the impact missing teeth can have on overall health.

While you’re live, talk about the free download that’s available. Make mention of your landing page and then link to it on your website. You’ll get new email addresses and contact information for potential patients. This is a less aggressive, but more effective, way of making the ask. Some patients might not be ready to book an appointment with you immediately after seeing your Facebook Live video but they are interested in keeping in touch with your practice. By having this content upgrade as a way to lure them into giving you their contact information, you’re better equipped to capture their information so you can nurture the lead.

  1. Generate Excitement Around Your Brand

Let’s face it. Most people love having a healthy smile but dread their time in your chair. Dental visits aren’t usually thought of as fun and exciting, which makes it more difficult for you to generate a positive impression of your brand.

Facebook Live gives you the opportunity to change that.

When you talk about your practice in a way that’s authentic, fun and engaging, and you make mention of upcoming promotions, you spark the intrigue of your audience. It works because you’re taking your current marketing strategy and amplifying it by generating buzz around your ideas.

Ready to Go Live?

To go live on Facebook, you’ll need to access your page from your smartphone. Turn your phone horizontally and then tap the red video camera button where it says, “Live Video.”

Then, write in a brief description of what the viewer will see. If you’re answering a question, you can write, “Answering this common question today!”

Tap “Go Live” to start broadcasting.

When you’re done, tap “Finish.”

It’s that easy.

But First
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