The Best Call Trackers for Dental Offices

Top Call Trackers for Dental Offices

The 6 Best Call Trackers for Dental Offices

You’re attending networking events, advertising, and building your presence online, but are you tracking the results of all that marketing spending? Chances are, if you don’t have call tracking software, you’re not seeing the full picture of what’s happening with your patient acquisition and attrition.

Do you know how many people are seeing your ad and reaching out, but not getting through? Do you know how many patients call to book an appointment, but don’t? And why? Call trackers answer those questions while holding your team accountable. They’re an important part of any dental office operation.

All reputable call tracking software will offer many of the same standard features, including:

  • Call tracking
  • Call recording
  • Unique local or toll free numbers
  • A marketing consult/coaching
  • Marketing tools
  • Staff training materials
  • Call scripts
  • Instructional videos

The tricky part is pulling out the unique benefits from each solution. That’s what we’ve done here so you can find the best fit for your dental office.

Here are six of the best call trackers and why each one of them is worth considering.

 Top Call Trackers for Dental Offices

1. My Dentist Calls

When you employ software, such as call tracking software, you’re looking for answers. That’s just what you’ll get when you use My Dentist Callsanswers.

This call tracker has a strong focus on reporting where calls are coming from, what’s being said when a person calls, reasons for not booking an appointment and more. That’s a lot of data, so what My Dentist Calls does well is generate custom reports, beautiful graphs and pie charts, and makes the data easy to digest.

It’s important to note that there’s a heavy reliance on the part of the user to listen to the calls and assist in grading to make these reports. If you’re not listening, flagging, or grading the calls yourself, this call tracker isn’t as powerful as some of the others.

There are three pricing options available.

  • Silver pricing is $99 per month and gives you 5 tracking lines
  • Gold pricing is $149 per month and gives you 10 tracking lines
  • Platinum pricing is $199 per month and gives you 20 tracking lines

All pricing packages include call recording, call tracking, a marketing consult, marketing tools, staff training materials, call scripts, and instructional videos.

2. Patient News

Keep patients (new and current) from calling any other dental office. That’s the goal of Patient News. To do that, they offer a dental specific system instead of a one-size-fits-all-industry solution. In this system, you get access to an online dashboard with scores focused on conversions. You’ll learn why an appointment was not made so you can slow patient attrition and boost conversions for new patients. When a call is missed, your office staff is prompted to return the call via text message so you can quickly recapture missed opportunities.

With Patient News, you pay $279 per month for five lines. There isn’t a per minute listening charge; everything is included in one flat rate. Also, you get dashboard reviews with a dedicated customer service rep, and up to seven live humans listening to each and every call. That’s a lot for this price point.

3. Call Tracker

Call Tracker is only available to Scheduling Institute members, but it’s worth paying attention to. Scheduling Institute uses mystery shoppers/callers to evaluate your team’s performance and grades them. Then, the reports are collated and sent to the doctor. Given this unique approach to call tracking and grading, it makes sense that the focus of Call Tracker is accountability.

There are two contract-free pricing options

  • 5 call tracker lines with 350 minutes for $199 per month
  • 10 call tracker lines with 750 minutes for $349 per month

You can also prepay for the year to get a discount.

4. CallRail

With CallRail, data is at the core of everything that happens on the phone. The main focus? Finding the conversion rates from both your online and offline marketing campaigns.

CallRail focuses specifically on giving you in-depth context about the people calling your dental office. The tracker can help you know which search keywords are bringing in the most qualified leads, the prospect’s journey through your website, and how many leads turned into new patients. It even connects to your Google Analytics account to give you deeper insight into what’s happening online.

The dynamic number insertion feature is ideal for tracking specific campaigns from start to finish. Every time a customer calls, you’ll be instantly notified about which marketing campaign drove the call so you can focus your marketing spending on the highest converting campaigns.

CallRail is the least expensive of the call tracking software solutions and it comes with a 14-day free trial. The $30/month starter package includes campaign tracking, keyword and visitor tracking, call recording, a live call dashboard, custom call flows, and integration with Google. You get 10 local numbers, 500 local minutes, and 100 text messages. The packages available beyond that are more commonly used by agencies who manage several accounts.

5. Call Tracker ROI

When a piece of software is developed by a dentist, you know it’s worth paying attention to. That’s the case with Call Tracker ROI, which was founded by Dr. Phelps, who was one of the few people trained by the “Godfather of Influence,” Robert Cialdini.

Like many call trackers on this list, Call Tracker ROI has a call grading feature. Each call is given a score, but the way the score is awarded with Call Tracker ROI is unique. This call tracking software uses a mix of human monitoring and technology. The people monitoring the calls are trained to understand why an appointment is not booked, focusing on how calls are handled by the office. The technology is then used to follow up with those callers in a personal way. 70% of patients don’t leave a voicemail, according to their website. To capture that 70% of missed calls, Call Tracker ROI sends a series of text messages for every missed call – one batch of messages is sent to the office staff telling them what media the call is from and missed, and another to the patient, thanking them and letting them know the office will return their call.

As the name implies, you can see the ROI of your call tracking software through their reporting. The dashboard shows you the names that booked through the call tracking number and the profit of that patient. There is also a HIPAA compliant code for your website so you can offer a live chat feature to your patients.

One last impressive feature: The syncing with your project management software. This is a great way to coach teams on how to influence callers and understand the motivation behind making appointments.

Pricing varies depending on features and quantities:

  • Option A includes three tracking numbers at $99 each with the option for a fourth tracking number for $23. There is a listening charge of $0.25 per minute. Text messaging to the office and patients is included.
  • Option B offers the same as option A without the ability to know why an appointment was not booked or to track ROI. The cost of the first three tracking numbers is reduced to $79 each.
  • Option C gives you three tracking numbers at $59 each and a fourth line for $23 with DIY listening.

6. Call Sumo

Call Sumo is a call tracker that integrates with many patient management softwares to automatically filter out prospects and calls that aren’t related to your business, but that isn’t the core focus. The main focus of CallSumo is improving your current customer service levels by helping with existing patient requests.

This is done using their smart caller ID feature.

The smart caller ID feature lets your staff know what the person is calling about when the phone rings by tracking where the lead is coming from. This makes it easier to book appointments because you already have insight into why the person is calling and what they need. This feature works across a variety of channels, both online and offline, so you can get a more comprehensive look at what’s working in your marketing spending.

There are four pricing packages available:

  • $99 per month for 3 phone numbers, 500 minutes, call recording, and the smart caller ID feature.
  • $187 per month for 6 lines, 1,000 minutes, call recording, and the smart caller ID feature.
  • $294 per month for 12 phone numbers, 1500 minutes, call recording, and smart caller ID feature.
  • $640 per month for 30 phone numbers, 3000 minutes, a monthly review with a strategist, call recording and smart caller ID.

This is a roundup of what we consider to be the top call trackers, but there are plenty of others out there to consider. Use this as your starting point to learn about the features available so you can research the best fit for you, because you shouldn’t continue spending your hard earned dollars on marketing without tracking what’s happening.


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