Attract the New Dental Patients Your Practice Needs

New Dental Patients

Every dental practice has been there…

You’ve carefully picked a logo that represents your practice, you’ve scoured the Dental Town threads looking for the type of advertising everyone says works, you’ve created an offer no new dental patient can refuse.

Finally, you launch your advertising with a sigh of relief, new patients are on their way.

But when you look around, you notice that the response is not what you expected, the new patient numbers are too small, the patients are only coming in for the deal, or they are not accepting treatment.

A “better” new patient has nothing to do with the patient themselves and everything to do with a dental practice’s specific growth goals.


Does it feel like a challenge attracting the kind of new patients you need?

Throughout the life cycle of your dental practice you will come across the need to fill your chairs.

When you are just starting out all you care about is bodies in the chair.

Then you get into a groove and are ready to attract patients in need of expanded services. You want more dental implant patients, more Cerec cases, more specific patients.

Eventually, you will discover that you not only want a steady stream of new patients, but you want new and “better” dental patients.

Quality vs. Quantity

I recently spoke to a dentist who ran a very busy practice, seeing over 100 new patients per month. I asked him how many providers were in his location, “Just me. I need more new patients because I have alot of open time. ” he answered.

After we spoke at length and reviewed some practice reports it was evident his marketing was attracting patients interested in short term and emergency care.

His marketing had brought him lots of new patients but did not line up with his practice goals for production or the way he wanted his practice to be perceived in the community.

Sometimes numbers do not add up to production and can hurt your practice brand and goals.

6 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Dental Marketing

6 Ways You May be Sabotaging Your New Patient Marketing Strategies.

8 out of 10 dentists surveyed said their marketing was not working or they were not sure if marketing works.

Launching a marketing strategy without a specific target or goal is the fastest way to sabotage your efforts.

Consider getting specific with your marketing efforts to if:

  • You need more than just quantity to reach your practice goals
  • You desire to increase the amount of expanded services you perform
  • Your advertising has a low or negative return on investment (insurance can be included as advertisements, check your adjustments)
  • Your case diagnosis to acceptance ratio is low
  • Your production per hour is below the national average
  • Your practice demographic mix is balanced outside the vision of your practice
    (ex: an abundance of kids for an adult practice)

It’s tempting to focus on only the number of new patients when marketing, especially when you need production.

Your practice’s marketing efforts and return on investment will be far more successful when you opt for specific targets and goals over just more bodies in the chair.

Want to increase your odds of attracting a specific target?|

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