Big Dental Case Presentation – Part 3

Big Dental Case Presentation: The Power of Questions Jenn Janicki has evaluated best practices from over 130 dental offices that get large case treatment plan acceptance. Part 3 of this series, takes a look at behavioral science and what motivates people to make the decision for treatment. “Understanding what motivates a patient is fundamental to leading the conversation in […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

by Jenn Janicki I recently had the displeasure of deciding to change my accounting firm. I’ve worked with this individual and her team for more than 8 years, but realized I really wasn’t getting the direction and support I wanted. Something was missing. As I geared myself up to “break up” with my accountant, I […]

The Best Call Trackers for Dental Offices

The 6 Best Call Trackers for Dental Offices You’re attending networking events, advertising, and building your presence online, but are you tracking the results of all that marketing spending? Chances are, if you don’t have call tracking software, you’re not seeing the full picture of what’s happening with your patient acquisition and attrition. Do you […]


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