What is AADOM?

  I have been hearing about AADOM, or the American Association of Dental Office Management, from my fellow coaching & consulting friends for over 5 years. First introduced to me by the amazing and brilliant Teresa Duncan, Odyssey Management and  Educational Content Director at AADOM. For office managers and dental professionals, AADOM, is an educational […]

Big Dental Case Presentation Part I

Clinical Mastery Series has collected the “best practices” from over 130 dental offices who have success in dental case acceptance for large, comprehensive cases. For clinicians who have a high level of clinical training and confidence but have not yet created a strategy for attracting comprehensively driven patients, or studied the psychology about what motivates […]

Attract the New Dental Patients Your Practice Needs

Every dental practice has been there… You’ve carefully picked a logo that represents your practice, you’ve scoured the Dental Town threads looking for the type of advertising everyone says works, you’ve created an offer no new dental patient can refuse. Finally, you launch your advertising with a sigh of relief, new patients are on their […]

Attract Better New Patients for your Dental Practice

3 Ways to Attract Better New Patients for Your Dental Practice

What is a “better” new patient? I’ve had thousands of conversations with dentist about their practice marketing over the years. Eventually, each one will come to ask me what really works to get new patients. How do you get more: Dental Implants Sedation cases CEREC cases LANAP cases Sleep Apnea cases Comprehensive Dentistry Cosmetic Cases Big Cases Patients […]


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