What is AADOM?


What is AADOM

I have been hearing about AADOM, or the American Association of Dental Office Management, from my fellow coaching & consulting friends for over 5 years.

First introduced to me by the amazing and brilliant Teresa Duncan, Odyssey Management and  Educational Content Director at AADOM.

For office managers and dental professionals, AADOM, is an educational resource and community established for supporting and serving the dental practice management professional.

My schedule never seemed to line up to be able to attend this annual event. I would listen to my friends rave about the conference giving me a bad case of FOMO mostly because they met at some amazing locations year after year, always coming back with wonderful insights and resources to share with their clients.

Why come to AADOM’s annual event?
With the planets aligning this year, I guess my schedule had no choice but to finally be free to allow me to come.

The decision to come was not just based on having an excuse to have some much needed fun in the sun with friends but I had to find out what made so many rave about this event, to an almost cult-like frenzy.

Plus this year’s event, the 12th annual, is in Boca Raton! Sun, friends, and getting some resources to elevate my clients just couldn’t be passed up.

Attending AADOM should be approached as in investment into yourself and your business.

I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the early bird special which gives you $100 off but each ticket does come with a year long membership which includes, a robust library of webinars, resources, continuing education opportunity, and community forum access.

Word to the wise, don’t wait to late in the year to get your AADOM ticket or you’ll encounter the large ‘Sold Out’ banner across the event page.

12th Annual AADOM event experience
Plan to arrive a day or two early to take advantage of the beautiful location and networking. Needless to say Boca Raton is gorgeous and staying the Resort & Beach Club is breath taking with it’s authentic, 1920’s Florida tropical paradise setting.

I have seen no less than 8 outdoor fountains just along my trek from the room to the AADOM event. Not to mention the most amazing yachts docked right outside our balcony including this gorgeous Italian charter called, Moonracker, where it’s rumored to be available for only $169,000/week. Yeah.


Moonraker Charter

Our first night at AADOM has already cranked up our excitement level of what’s to come. Although the official kick-off for AADOM starts this morning, the first night offered 2 presentation options. One, on the ever-increasing demanded topic of medical billing for dentist and an energizing talk by Judy Kay Mausolf, titled Pot Stirrers & Problem Makers. It’s so huge it cannot be contained to the jammed packed 3 days. I have to say, day one hasn’t even begun & we’re up early in anticipation.

Stay tuned for more of our AADOM experience and we’d love to hear from you if you have any tips for us or questions we can investigate for you.

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  1. Jackie Adame I am so glad we finally got you to AADOM! I couldn’t agree more, the value is huge- up to date course content, motivational speakers and the opportunity to brainstorm with 800 top office managers around the country can’t be beat!

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