Your Dental Practice is Either Growing or Dying

If your dental practice is not growing, it is dying. There really is no in between. Seem harsh or fatalistic? The reality is “dying” doesn’t happen all at once, or quickly but a little bit every day. Maybe you’re wondering what happened to that steady stream of new patients you enjoyed for so many years. […]

Get a Competitive Advantage

Does Your Team Understand Your Competitive Advantage? You know what sets your dental practice apart from the competition, but does your team? If not, you could be diminishing your practice’s reputation unintentionally. Although you’re the face of the practice, it’s your team that has direct contact with your patients before you do. They’re the ones […]

Are You Wasting Time & Money on Dental CE?

by Angela Davis-Sullivan   You’ve paid for the travel and hotel accommodations, the cost of the event, not to mention shutting down your revenue source by closing the office all to attend continuing education. The truth is, you could be wasting your time & money. From the time you graduate to the day you retire, […]

How to Use Email for Marketing in Dentistry

Emails continue to be among the top preferred media channel with adults and teenagers with 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers using email. As a dental practice, you likely have an email provider sending out appointment reminders and maybe even happy birthday messages, however most practices are not taking full advantage of their email […]

Why It’s Actually a Plus to Offer Affordable Pricing

  Have you shied away from using the word “affordable” in your practice? You’re not alone. Often, dentists worry that by being affordable or offering affordable dentistry, they’re giving off the perception of being cheap. And as you know, cheap sounds, well, cheap. The word alone sends a signal of low quality. You offer top […]

Influencer Marketing for Dentists

Influencer Marketing for Dentistry: Getting Started Consumers think all dental practices are the same, but yours is unique. How do you get yours to stand out from the crowd? The underlying lack of differentiation shouldn’t get you down. You can still craft a unique story in your market. One way to do that is to use […]

How to Motivate Your Dental Practice Staff

Does this sound familiar? You hired your staff for their desire and drive, but you’re having a hard time seeing that motivation in action at your practice. What’s more frustrating is the lack of forward momentum. Every new policy you implement works for a short amount of time and then reverts back to the old […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

by Jenn Janicki I recently had the displeasure of deciding to change my accounting firm. I’ve worked with this individual and her team for more than 8 years, but realized I really wasn’t getting the direction and support I wanted. Something was missing. As I geared myself up to “break up” with my accountant, I […]


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