Big Dental Case Presentation – Part 2

Big Dental Case Presentation Acceptance

Big Dental Case Presentation: How to get the YES

Jenn Janicki has evaluated best practices from over 130 dental offices who get large case treatment plan acceptance. Part 2 of this series, takes a look at the mindset dentists in these 130 practices have in common when presenting big dental case treatment plans.

“Practices with the highest case acceptance ratios have one element in common without exception. They exercise a mentality of abundance.

Their treatment plan development is focused on meeting a patient’s goals. Not how they will be perceived or how a patient will react.”

How these dental practices get the ‘YES’ to big dental case treatment.

Most of all, these practices focus first and foremost on what treatment is best for the patients.

The change of mindset these dental practices utilize when presenting treatment disregard the emotion and presumption connected with discussing treatment recommendations:

  • Present with the patient’s needs and goals vs. how they will react to
    the treatment plan
  • Do not be emotionally impacted by comments that question the
    treatment plan or your intent. Present cases with no attachment to
    whether it is accepted or not.
  • Give patients what you know is best for them. Treatment acceptance or
    rejection is the patient’s choice.
  • Treatment plan presentation does not reflect the financial needs, cash flow
    or production goals of the practice
  • Welcome second opinions, don’t dread them.
  • Economy and practice locale do not affect treatment recommendations
  • Never diagnosis to an assumption of what the patient can afford


“As a result, when you disconnect from the “yes” and make your treatment plan presentation about what your patient’s deserve, you will change how you approach consults and treatment plan presentations.”

Be sure to connect with Clinical Mastery Series to access Clinical Mastery Series Big Case Presentation – Part 2 in full and stay up to date on each installment of their Big Dental Case Presentation series.

Clinical Mastery created this series for two levels of clinicians.

“It is a resource for clinicians who have a high level of clinical training and confidence, but have not yet created a strategy for attracting comprehensively driven dental patients. And especially for those who have studied the psychology about what motivates people to make great dental treatment decisions.”

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