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Better Dental Practice Marketing in 7 Days

Market your dental practice better in 7 days with a free step-by-step guide and coaching call from Mastery Lab.

Uncover What It Takes for Your Dental Practice to Attract More Patients Without Getting Blinded by Every Shiny New System or Solution Under the Sun.

Do you ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel in the your practice? You run in circles putting out fires with your team, engaging in the latest and greatest dental marketing practices, and still you’re struggling to see the profits or payoff.

Help is here! Enter your email address and we’ll send you a link to sign up for a free coaching call + get you started on a 7-day transformation of your marketing plan. By next week, you’ll feel more confident in the direction of your practice.

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We Love Dentists Who Are Excited About Living and Working Better in 2017

Our Focus: Your Profitability and Peace of Mind

Success isn’t tied to the amount of money in your bank account (although that does matter). It is tied to your happiness, your fulfillment, and your well-being.

Too often, dentists deploy a “pain management” strategy when striving to breathe new life into their practice. In the medical field, this strategy is only used when long-term care cannot cure or correct the underlying problem.

That’s not the case with your dental practice.

Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, we’re going to help you uncover the unique formula in this free 7-day challenge. And during that time, you’ll get the opportunity to get on the phone with one of our dental practice coaches for a free call.

After one week, you’ll have the foundation to kickstart the process and realize your practice’s potential.

You’ll operate with less stress and more profits. You’ll have a happier team with happier patients. Simply put, you’ll master your business by harnessing your practice’s unique qualities and deploying a strategy that works specifically for you.

Enter your email address and we’ll send you a link to sign up for your free coaching call, as well as the first step in your 7-day marketing challenge.

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Who Are We to Offer This?

Mastery Lab was founded by a dynamic duo of business specialists who have decades of experience in the dental industry specifically. We know what it takes to lead dentists to unprecedented success.

Jenn Janicki

Jenn has coached some of the top dentists in the United States and is the Executive Director of the esteemed Clinical Mastery Series. Her focus is on building customized systems that lead to clearer communication, better patient service, and overall practice profitability.

Jackie Adame

With real world experience working in a dental practice as a marketing strategist, Jackie has a knack for identifying unique needs and challenges faced by practices. Her advanced training and education is put to work to create efficient and effective marketing strategies.

Book your FREE coaching call to speak with one of our coaches directly and talk about specific steps you can take to build your practice.

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Discover New Marketing Possibilities

At Mastery Lab, we focus on providing custom plans to strengthen your practice. This unique style of coaching blends marketing tasks with better overall operations. There’s no one-size-fits-all system!

In addition to our coaching call, we want to take you on a 7-day challenge to help you uncover a unique approach that’ll work for you and your practice’s goals.

When you sign up, you’ll be sent a daily email for the next week with a specific step to take. At the end of the week, you’ll be left with the foundation for a better, stronger, more effective plan for your practice.

Here’s what’s waiting for you in addition to the coaching call:

Day One: Finding Your Benchmarks
We’ll show you the exact benchmarks you need to determine to set yourself up for success (they might surprise you).

Day Two: Find Your Buyer
How well do you know the people who walk through your office doors?

Day Three: Learn More About the Competition
Outline your unique competitive landscape and learn more about how you can stand out in your local market.

Day Four: Plan Your Approach
Leave the cookie cutter strategies behind. We’ll show you how to plan your unique approach.

Day Five: Define Your Brand
Having a strong brand is fundamental when it comes to making a name for yourself in your community. We’ll show you how to define that brand.

Day Six: Define Your Message
What you say matters. We’ll help you hone in on the messaging you’re using to market your practice.

Day Seven: Put it Into Action
What good is a marketing plan if you don’t know the steps to take to make it work for your practice? We’ll show you how to put it into action.

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Are You Ready to Make Your Dental Practice Less Stressful and More Profitable?

We are too. Join us on a free coaching call and in our free 7-day marketing challenge to get started crafting your customized plan.

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