Practice Mastery

The masterful alternative to hands on dental practice management.

Build a Business | Achieving Goals

We help mix the ingredients to make a unique formula, which will exceed your expectations.

A Common Formula

In the healthcare industry, managing pain is a common recommendation for a patient with an incurable condition that may require continual treatment. The patient is given short-term treatments, medications or devices to temporarily relieve the discomfort of their condition - but it can’t be cured.

Dental management is similar. For far too long, dentists and practice owners have only had one option for business support - Practice Management. Commonly, this meant hiring a dental business consultant who had cookie-cutter systems, which may work for the short-term. These systems manage the discomfort and unwanted condition of their business.


a new mixture

The fact is, you will never reach your goals by managing the problem, you need solutions.

Systems and training are important, but creating a unique formula for your goals is what the Mastery Lab is all about. From start-ups to practice transitions, we have one goal which is to give you and your team the keys to MASTERY.

We don't manage your practice for you but give you the tools to move your business forward with our support.


Why Do You Need a Dental Master?

Jenn Janicki is a new breed of dental business strategist and has a history of making dental rock stars and leaders in the industry.

Master Your Business

As a dentist or practice owner you must master both the clinical and the business side of your practice to be successful. Our team of experts provides the training you need to excel in the latter.

Navigate Obstacles

Get the resources and advice you need to conquer common issues faced by dental practices. Enjoy seeing a complete turnaround, a boost in productivity, or your practice left in good hands.

Achieve Your Goals

By offering unique formulas for all phases of your business and focusing in on your UVP, we are able effectively use systems and strategies to build your business and reach your goals.


Keys for Practice Mastery

Our analysis uncovers areas of your business contributing to frustration and stagnant or negative movement such as:

  • Losing patients every month
  • Case acceptance
  • Unable to initiate lasting change in the business
  • Lack of production or revenue consistency
  • Working harder not smarter
  • Motivating staff or frustrated by their lack of support
  • Not doing the type of dentistry you want to do
  • Too busy to work on the business
  • Working harder but not seeing increased profits
  • Unable to keep a healthy work/life balance

Analytics & insights are included with all of our solutions so you'’ll always know what’ is working and what’ is not.

Head over to our blog to get helpful tips on overcoming these common obstacles.


"What’s the one thing they don’t teach us anything about in dental school?  You guessed it – running a business, being a leader, and making a profit.   I was the guy who bought a two doctor practice and hired an associate when my partner retired because that was the path that was laid out in front of me and what people do… then I met Jenn Janicki and she ROCKED MY WORLD!  Jenn immediately showed me how I wasn’t running a very efficient business and pointed out many opportunities.  The best part was that her team shared with me business protocols/procedures (front office and back office) to help me run an exciting practice that is profitable.  Jenn has a system that helps you see and understand the challenges and changes that are in front of you to turn your business around.  Then comes the biggest individual challenge – bringing out the leader from within you.  Jenn is able to coach you and bring out your leadership skills and/or develop those leadership skills so you can make those tough business decisions that need to be made to run an effective & efficient business.   Ultimately, Jenn Janicki has helped me laser focus my practice and my team, which has allowed me to once again love my career, love my family, and love my life!  You need to meet Jenn Janicki!   You are a true savior Jenn Janicki! Thank you!"

-Chad V. Yenchesky, DDS
Fox View Dental, SC


Your Custom Formula is Waiting to be Created