Build an Online Community for Your Dental Practice

Create Community Awareness for Your Practice Using Social Media One of the best ways to grow awareness for your dental practice is to have a strategy using your social media to connect with your area neighborhoods & local businesses. Building community awareness about your practice will let the locals know you’re there, discover who you are, […]

Using Emails for More than Just Appointment Reminders

Using Your Dental Office Emails for More Than Just Appointment Reminders In this episode of the Mastery Lab podcast for dentist and their teams, we take a look at one of the standard services every dental office uses, email service providers and patient communication. Emails and texts are still one of the most effective forms […]

Introduction to the Mastery Lab Podcast for Dentists & Their Teams

We started a podcast! We know you can’t get enough of Mastery Lab’s dental practice business and marketing coaching gold. Now you can take us with you! It’s Mastery Lab dental practice mastery on the go. Mastery Lab Podcast Episode 0 Introduction to what the Mastery Lab podcast is all about Overview of Mastery Lab dental […]

Why Online Reviews are Important to Your Dental Practice

A consistent stream of positive online reviews is essential for the success of your dental practice. Authentic, positive reviews drive new patients to your practice, support your SEO efforts, and is the virtual version of word-of-mouth marketing. Online reviews for your dental practice help spread the word about why patients should choose your care over […]

Get a Competitive Advantage

Does Your Team Understand Your Competitive Advantage? You know what sets your dental practice apart from the competition, but does your team? If not, you could be diminishing your practice’s reputation unintentionally. Although you’re the face of the practice, it’s your team that has direct contact with your patients before you do. They’re the ones […]

Are You Wasting Time & Money on Dental CE?

by Angela Davis-Sullivan   You’ve paid for the travel and hotel accommodations, the cost of the event, not to mention shutting down your revenue source by closing the office all to attend continuing education. The truth is, you could be wasting your time & money. From the time you graduate to the day you retire, […]

Facebook Page Engagement with Your Wifi Router

What is Facebook Wi-Fi? If you have a business Facebook Page you can set up Facebook’s Wi-Fi with your router and turn your business into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The thought behind this, is to generate check-ins to your business page in exchange for internet access. Turning your business into a Facebook Wi-fi hotpot will also […]

what your dental video marketing should include

An Important Component of Your Dental Video Marketing

  Why Your Video Marketing Strategy Must Include You You did it! You dove in head first and started using videos to attract new business to your dental office. The problem? You’re not in any of those videos. Neither is your team. You’re using stock videos to educate your patients, and you’re leaving opportunity on […]

The Best Call Trackers for Dental Offices

The 6 Best Call Trackers for Dental Offices You’re attending networking events, advertising, and building your presence online, but are you tracking the results of all that marketing spending? Chances are, if you don’t have call tracking software, you’re not seeing the full picture of what’s happening with your patient acquisition and attrition. Do you […]


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